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Incentives Tonight brings us another guest post from Steve Day. The former Vice President of Tractor and Equipment, Steve is discussing incentives, and how they can drive your growth in your business. Incentives Can Drive Growth For the majority of my career, I believed that a paycheck was a pretty good incentive for doing your […]


Employment – Wages – Inflation

Employment – Wages – Inflation Guest writer Andy Fanter tackles the topic of economics in his blog post for this week: Employment – Wages – Inflation. A little over halfway through construction machine unit deliveries by state, Ron messaged me about another blog.   I have done the big states, and the numbers are up!! […]


How to Repair America’s Talent Pipelines

How to Repair America’s Talent Pipelines In his May Report, Edward Gordon writes on the crucial topic of how to repair America’s talent pipelines. Micron Technology Inc., based in Boise, Idaho, plans to invest $100 billion in a semiconductor-manufacturing campus in a suburb of Syracuse, New York. Once fully built this campus will employ 9,000 […]


The Validity of 5-Star Google Reviews

The Validity of 5-Star Google Reviews Guest writer Roy Lapa walks us through the ins and outs of feedback. We have all seen reviews posted online, but how can we measure the validity of 5-star Google reviews? Can you trust them? Yes, with some precautions. Google actively updates, examines, and penalizes most false or biased […]


Employee Satisfaction in 2022 and Beyond

Employee Satisfaction in 2022 and Beyond Guest writer Alex Weaver continues the year-end reflections with a look at employee satisfaction in 2022 and beyond… Recently we looked at measuring our business / commercial performance around four metrics: Financial Performance Market Share Customer Satisfaction Employee Satisfaction In October, we discussed some factors influencing Customer Satisfaction and today’s […]


Upturn or Recession?

Upturn or Recession? Guest writers Steve Clegg and Debbie Frakes are writing for us this week about the ways in which our accurate forecasts can help us plan for real growth in “Upturn or Recession?” The equipment industry is cyclical and seasonal. Many dealerships react to events by looking backward at accounting financial statements, explaining […]


Ever Wonder?

Ever Wonder? ‘ In this week’s installment on Lifelong Learning, guest writer Mick Vaught challenges readers to truly assess our paradigms and pre-conceived ideas in “Ever Wonder?” Ever wonder why we tend to remain in our comfort zone and never see a paradigm shift coming around the curve?  One of my all-time favorite role models […]


Friday Filosophy v.08.12.2022

Friday Filosophy v.08.12.2022 Friday Filosophy v.08.12.2022 shares quotes, words of wisdom, and thoughts for consideration from Euripedes. Euripides; c. 480 – c. 406 BC) was a tragedian of classical Athens. Along with Aeschylus and Sophocles, he is one of the three ancient Greek tragedians for whom any plays have survived in full. Some ancient scholars attributed ninety-five plays to him, but the Suda says it was ninety-two […]


Technician Shortage? Grow Your Own Techs!

Technician Shortage? Grow Your Own Techs! Tonight, Learning Without Scars is proud to introduce readers to our new guest writer, Steven Johnson. In his debut post, he writes about a crucial issue we are facing: Technician Shortage? Grow Your Own Techs! Steven Johnson retired from Associated Equipment Distributors in 2020 as Vice President of Academic […]


Staffing Guidelines

Staffing Guidelines Guest writer Bill Pyles brings us up to the current situation in his blog piece, “Staffing Guidelines.” After being discharged from the United States Marine Corps, Bill started a lifelong career in heavy equipment dealer product support. Starting as an apprentice technician, Bill worked his way up to the General Service Manager for a multi-state […]