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The Hidden Value of Employee Recognition

The Hidden Value of Employee Recognition Guest writer Kurt Pease tackles employee turnover in this week’s blog post, “The Hidden Value of Employee Recognition: Why a Paycheck Isn’t Enough.” High employee turnover is a major pain point for businesses. We often assume money is the main reason people leave, but a recent Gallup poll shows […]


Time Management

There are only twenty-four hours in a day, but you can make them count. Time Management, a comprehensive and essential resource for any manager on the run, shows you how. Learn to: Set and prioritize goals, objectives, and tasks Create an effective schedule Avoid distractions and interruptions Respect other people’s time Build a time-conscious organization The […]


Aristotle’s Way

Aristotle was the first philosopher to inquire into subjective happiness, and he understood its essence better and more clearly than anyone since. According to Aristotle, happiness is not about well-being, but instead a lasting state of contentment, which should be the ultimate goal of human life. We become happy through finding a purpose, realizing our […]


Common Purpose

From one of the most respected names in business and leadership, a rare look at the specifics of how great leaders achieve “common purpose” and success within their organizations. What is common purpose? It is that rare, almost-palpable experience that happens when a leader coalesces a group, team or community into a creative, dynamic, brave […]


The Balanced Scorecard

More than just a measurement system, the Balanced Scorecard is a management system that can channel the energies, abilities, and specific knowledge held by people throughout the organization toward achieving long-term strategic goals. Kaplan and Norton demonstrate how senior executives in industries such as banking, oil, insurance, and retailing are using the Balanced Scorecard both […]


Redefining Excellence – Beyond Firefighting

Redefining Excellence – Beyond Firefighting Guest writer Sara Hanks highlights the importance of existing beyond the emergency situation in “Redefining Excellence – Beyond Firefighting.” In today’s business environment, the spotlight often shines brightest on those who extinguish fires rather than those who prevent fires from igniting. This dynamic has increasingly highlighted the misalignment within companies […]


My Journey of Career Growth

My Journey of Career Growth Learning Without Scars is pleased to introduce our new guest writer, Kurt Pease. He was born on June 8th, 1961, in Portage, Wisconsin. He grew up in Whitewater, Wisconsin, in a family where his father worked as a university professor and his mother was a speech pathologist. From an early […]