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Skills Assessments – An Update

Skills Assessments – An Update You might have noticed we have refreshed our Learning Without Scars web site. This the first phase of the changes we have planned. The goal of this phase was simplification. At the bottom of the landing page there are two symbols; One is a question mark and the other is […]


The CSA – Comprehensive Skills Assessment

The CSA – Comprehensive Skills Assessment Our Comprehensive Skills Assessments (CSA) are job specific and specialized subject matter evaluations of the skills and knowledge of the individuals on the job today. Comprehensive Skills Assessments (CSA) from Learning Without Scars offer a structured tool to evaluate the specific knowledge of each employee in the dealership. Following […]


Moving Beyond Annual Inspections: The Importance of Monthly Cybersecurity Checks

Moving Beyond Annual Inspections: The Importance of Monthly Cybersecurity Checks Guest writer Kevin Landers tackles a huge source of anxiety for many of us in the digital age, our online security. Read on for, “Moving Beyond Annual Inspections: The Importance of Monthly Cybersecurity Checks.” In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, cybersecurity has become a critical concern for […]


Unlocking Potential

Over the past six years, Michael K. Simpson’s Unlocking Potential has helped leaders motivate, inspire, and fully engage their teams. This revised edition, written with Maria Sullivan and Kari Saddler, builds on that powerful foundation for a new generation of leaders. The key is not just managing but coaching—developing the talents of your organization’s most important asset: the […]


The Product Managers Handbook

The essential guide to seamless product management for today’s fluid, unpredictable business world Long considered the most useful and insightful guide of its kind, The Product Manager’s Handbook has been fully revised and updated to give you the edge in today’s challenging business landscape. It features expanded coverage of product development processes, intelligence-gathering techniques (including social media), […]


The Five Temptations of a CEO

Highly sought-after management consultant Patrick Lencioni deftly tells the tale of a young CEO who, facing his first annual board review, knows he is failing, but doesn’t know why. Refreshingly original and utterly compelling, this razor-sharp novelette plus self-assessment serves as a timeless and potent reminder that success as a leader can come down to […]