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Training Develops Skills That Can Be Measured

Training develops skills that can be measured. Guest writer Natalia Dmitrenko continues to build from the foundation of last week’s blog post, “Loyal Staff” with her exploration of the skills that training develops. Each of these skills can be measured. Any corporate training initiatives have a similar purpose: evaluation of the difference in the performance […]


The Business Model

The Business Model Founder and Managing Member Ron Slee walks us through a close look at the Business Model.  Let’s Revisit our Business Model With the famous “supply chain” issues that we have been experiencing for the past few years and the serious difficulty in finding, attracting, hiring and retaining talented people I believe that […]


Have You Noticed What Is Happening?

Have you Noticed What is Happening? For the last several months I haver been receiving phone calls and emails asking me how dealers should be navigating this current workforce problem. Have you noticed? Let me give you some facts to consider. As of this writing there were 10,934,000 job openings in the USA. That is […]


Goal Setting

Goal Setting Tonight, our returning guest blogger Sonya Law talks to readers about goal setting.  We will explore here how fostering a dynamic workplace incorporates the macro environment in setting goals where People are at the center of creating your competitive advantage… As an employee, our manager will set goals for us which flow down […]



Systems Tonight brings us another guest post from Steve Day. Steve is discussing the importance of the systems we have within our businesses. This is another topic that could probably take up an entire book and I am going to give it short shrift.  I am really only bringing it up because I think too […]


Skilled & Knowledgeable Employees Pay for Themselves

Skilled and Knowledgeable Employees Pay for Themselves. During this difficult time, the ability to restrict discretionary expenses has been quite easy. Stop it. Go back to 2019 and you will also find an attitude of restricting the investment in employee development other than for technicians. We forget that skilled & knowledgeable employees pay for themselves. […]