Construction Industry Technician

With the rapid changes and developments experienced in capital equipment over the past few decades we have reached the point where the skills and the knowledge of technicians is the critical difference in developing and maintaining our relationships with our customers. This has included changes in machine design, computerization of componentry, telematics, and the use of exotic materials.

The Construction Industry Technician comprehensive skills assessment covers the four major areas of equipment: Engine, Drive Train, Hydraulics and Electrical. In creating this assessment, we have taken into consideration the major manufacturers.

We have created a series of multiple-choice questions within each of the four categories above. The results from the CSA, Comprehensive Skills Assessment, categorize the skills and knowledge of the individual being assessed, into a score.
The following reflects how our clients use the assessment programs.

1. Recruiting: The assessments should be part of the process of recruiting employees. In conjunction with background checks and interviews, the assessment gives you a much more objective evaluation of the applicants before they are hired.
2. Performance Reviews: The assessments should also be part of the process of the annual performance review with each employee.

Upon completion of a specific Job Function Skills Assessment the student will receive their score. This score will rank their skills based on the results we have seen from the thousands of assessments taken.