Suggested Reading

We are highlighting books that have come across our table that we thought you would enjoy reading. They are sorted by category (Business Teachers, Business Management Tools, Provocative Authors, Business Leaders, Topical Authors and General Reading) and cover a wide range of topics to enhance your knowledge.

Business Teachers
usiness teachers transfer the skills and knowledge students need to become qualified business professionals. These educators train their students to solve business problems, plan for future growth, and strategize how to run a business efficiently and effectively. They may teach business-related courses such as accounting, human resources, labor relations, finance, marketing, advertising, and management. 

Business Management Tools
are tools related to each organization’s department which can be classified for each aspect of management planning tools, process tools, records tools, employee related tools, decision making tools, control tools, etc. Management tools have evolved dramatically in the last decade thanks to fast technology advances, so fast that it is difficult to select the best business tools for any situation in any company.

Business Leaders
These are either current or former leaders of Industry. They typically wrote their memoirs in previous times. Today they are writing concurrent to their employment in business. We admire them and respect them based on societal recognition.

Provocative Authors
authors are those that I consider to be provocative. They tend to provoke, excite, or stimulate thinking. They are what I consider the Thought Leaders in our Industry. They are the ones that move us. They make us think. They are the provocateurs. They push us to make changes in how we do things.

Topical Authors
These writers are academics and consultants and futurists. They count in their number Simon Sinek and Patrick Lencioni and Tom Morris in their ranks. They present situations from differing perspectives that forces us to deal with the changes that are at hand and yet to happen.

General Reading
This section comes from everywhere. It can be weird or even historical. But they all contribute to our overall knowledge and skills of the world in which we live and work. Other than fictional works this category of suggested books will broaden the knowledge based but won’t necessarily provoke action.