Our Contributors

At Learning Without Scars, we are building a platform for industry professionals to be able to access information. We have been able to collect a group of people that are all the “Top Guns – The Best of the Best” of our industry. I call them Thought Leaders, Experienced Executives and Revolutionary Reformers. As with almost everything that we do, we are trying to provoke people to think. To think about everything and anything that they do.

Our Contributors write blogs, participate in podcasts, and they write articles for our newsletter. They discuss a variety of subjects on which they are passionate and knowledgeable and share their wisdom. You can find their contributions under the Resources tab. This is intended to initiate continuous improvement for members of the capital goods supply chains. In this way we believe that it allows people to become more engaged as people in what they do. They can CHOOSE how to do their job. They can CHOOSE to make their lives better by how they do their job.

With our Contributors, we are fortunate to have partnered with excellent people that share our belief in lifelong learning which allows everyone to pursue their personal and professional potential.

Ron Slee, Managing Director, Learning Without Scars