A Personal Thought

I am in Hawaii this month for some down time and reflection. This is always a good thing for me to do. As I do this I ran across a wonderful slideshow with some pithy comments. I thought you might enjoy.

The person who considers himself too old to learn something has probably always been that way.

The good side of aging, as old as one might be, is that one is always younger than he will ever be.

There are four great periods in the life of a man; the one where he believes in Santa Claus, the one where he no longer believes in Santa Claus, the one where he is Santa Claus, and finally the one where he looks more and more like Santa Claus.

As one grows old, one generally  rids himself of his shortcomings because they no longer serve any useful purpose.

If someone declares that he is able to do everything at sixty that he was able to do at twenty, then he was not doing very much when he was twenty.

It is by growing old that one learns to remain young.

The entire life of a human being  depends upon ”yes” and “no” uttered two or three times  between the ages of sixteen and twenty-five.

So long as one continues to be amazed,  one can delay growing old.

The time is now…..