Approaches to Learning

A Great Idea on Learning from a Customer.

Many of you know that we, at Learning Without Scars, are very supportive of new and improved approaches we could be taking with our training platform. That is how we have developed from Management Training, that we first offered with Quest Learning Centers in the early 1990s, to the four different approaches we have in Learning Without Scars; The Learning On Demand Program (LOD), The Planned Specific Programs (PSP), The Virtual Classroom (VCR) and the Planned Learning Programs (PLP).


Recently we were approached about an idea a client had who is the Director of Operations of a Bobcat dealership. This talented lady asked if anyone had approached the LOD programs as part of a monthly department learning plan. Of course, at that point no-one had suggested this to us or discussed it with us.


She wanted to have each of their stores take the same LOD class. At the end of the month, after everyone had completed the program, they would have a Skype Call or a GoToMeeting and talk about the program of that month. That way each team Member and their Manager would have a clear view of where everyone stood on the knowledge scale. They would have a common understanding of what was expected and share common jargon in communications.


What a great idea!


They had ten stores with each store having one in-store sales person who handled everything; parts and supplies and rentals. They would get a membership for each store ($50.00/store – total $500.00) and then everyone in the store could take classes for the member pricing. An individual LOD is $115.00/student So if there were one person in each store the monthly training cost would be $1,150.00.


She thought that they should take the PSP – Planned Specific Program – which covers four individual classes – but do the classes once a month together. That then morphed into a specifically designed program of LOD’s as she saw the need. This would allow her to create a “personalized” learning program for her business and her teams. What do you think about that?


The Time is NOW.