Education Step 12

Many are talking about the lost generation. That is the current group of people in their late teens to their early twenties. The unemployment rate for this group is almost obscene and I am not really hearing a lot of outrage.

This group of people must be wondering what happened to them. When I was coming into the work force it was also a frustrating time. There were insufficient jobs available – interview after interview being told that you had everything that they wanted in a new employee but didn’t have any openings gets pretty old.

Think about the loss of earnings capacity for the economy. Think about the loss of taxable earnings as a result of delaying the entry to the economy of these talented people. The penalty is not just for the undereducated which has long been a concern of mine but also for the educated. The dilemma with the education received is that it has not delivered marketable skills to the students that the market wants or needs.

Hope is a wonderful emotion and feeling. But take away hope from these younger people and one day this will boil up and cause serious troubles for everyone.

So we have to get serious someday soon don’t you think. Get government out of education. Get unions out of the way. Get anyone who is protecting the status quo out of the way. Get business and parents and students together to determine what is required of the coming generation of workers.

The time is now.