Learning Without Scars – Webinar Product Offerings

We are in the process of developing the following webinar products. These products will be rolled out in September with the full complement available January 1, 2015. These will be GoToMeeting type offerings administered by the staff of Learning Without Scars.

We would appreciate any comments or thoughts you can provide to assist us in making Learning Without Scars “YOUR GO TO” learning source for webinars. What are we missing? What would you like us to add to the offerings?

We are developing these products to be useful across the construction equipment market, the truck equipment markets, the trailer markets, the light industrial equipment markets, the lifting, crane, markets, the material handling markets, the on highway trucking, power generation and the engine and component markets. In other words any aspect of the capital goods industries covering Industrial machinery and equipment.

The List

Parts Department

  • TeleSelling
  • Basic Inventory Control
  • Warehousing
  • Pricing
  • Instore Merchandising
  • Purchasing & Expediting
  • Best Practices
  • Standards of Performance
  • Overcoming Objections
  • Campaigns and Promotions
  • Basic Management
  • Buyers Needs
  • Make it Matter
  • Basic Finance

Service Department

  • Inspections
  • Work Order Process
  • Labor Rates
  • Service Organization
  • Labor Efficiency
  • Flat Rate/Standard Times
  • Shop Floor Scheduling
  • Standards of Performance
  • Best Practices
  • Basic Finance
  • Basic Management
  • Leveraging Service Assets
  • Make it Matter
  • Maintenance Programs

Product Support Selling

  • Successful Selling Part #1
  • Successful Selling Part #2
  • Overcoming Objections
  • Customer Retention

Parts & Service Marketing

  • Market Segmentation
  • Territory Development
  • Customer Retention
  • Product Knowledge
  • Compensation Programs

The time is now.