Management Mentoring and Coaching Program Conclusion

Management Mentoring and Coaching Program Conclusion

Last week, we covered the second portion of our tailored mentoring and coaching program with the instructional videos/skype sessions description.  This week, we cover the third, and final, portion of our individually tailored mentoring and coaching program.

For this final part of our program, we provide each manager with individual Work Assignments.

Establishing assignments is aimed at furthering the learning experience. Learning is about remembering and with these work assignments we can establish a deeper base of understanding. These assignments will be specific to the job function with which we are working. They will fit into the alternating weeks of the overall program. Implementation is a crucial element in committing knowledge to memory, thereby furthering the learning of each manager.  A key component in achieving any learning objective is in the implementation of the knowledge acquired.  These work assignments are designed to put that newly gained knowledge to work.

This approach will be discussed with the Company to develop a strategy which satisfies the needs of the Company, as well as the needs of the individual who will be the subject of the mentoring/coaching.

The program will continue weekly, alternating between a Learning On Demand program and then a film with work assignments injected at the appropriate time in the program. This will continue until the program is completed. This will be adjusted to satisfy the needs of the individual to be coached.

The price of this coaching/mentoring program will be established on a case-by-case basis. It will be dependent on the time involved and the assets utilized.

There you have it: our Management Mentoring and Coaching Programs.  Keep this in mind for those managers and supervisors you want to cultivate to become your heroes.

The time is now.