Management Mentoring and Coaching Program Continued

Management Mentoring and Coaching Program Continued

This week, we are continuing our discussion of the new Mentoring and Coaching Program we are now offering here at LWS.  Last week, we discussed the first component of the program, with our Learning On Demand Programs for Managers.  This week we are covering the next component of our program: films.  These films will be used to expand upon the knowledge students will gain in the individual Mentoring and Coaching Program.

B. Films

Using a Skype call or GoToMeeting the manager will watch a specialized training film. These films are designed to build upon the foundational skills presented in each Learning On Demand program, therefore refining the skill set of each manager. Upon completion of the film, the manager will be engaged in a real-time discussion about the content and how it applies to the job.
We will recommend specific film topics that apply to the work of the manager. For instance:

A. The Business of Paradigms
B. The Unorganized Manager.
C. Flight of the Buffalo
D. Performance Matters – Praise
E. Performance Matters – Criticism
F. The Clarity Imperative
G. Gung Ho
H. Leadership: An Act of Possibility
I. The Three Signs of a Miserable Job
J. The Five Dysfunctions of a Team


Next week, we will cover the third, and final, portion of the Mentoring and Coaching Program.


The time is now.