Management Musing v1.2

In the last Musing we touched on Leadership. This subject is worth pursuing a bit further. Leaders rarely are born. People become a leader – they are given the role of a leader by their team members.  This is not something that is commonly believed. Many feel there is a “royal jelly” that is on some people. Well perhaps that is true sometime but in my experience it is rare. For example – some people are wonderful conversationalists in the eyes of other people at a party but typically this is the person that have listened the most. This is also true with leaders. Leaders rarely have to show off their position… they live it. They enjoy the success of their team members in fact they set the team members up to succeed.

They also become expert in their Industry. They are students of their Industry and are constantly learning. Who is growing sales and who is not? What new developments are there and where are the threats. They are constantly on the lookout for the new and the unexpected.

They are also constantly growing. They read obsessively. They are also involved in other activities from charities to schools and churches. They believe that the moment they stop growing will be the end of their leadership. You can see examples of these people in all walks of life. Are you a leader? The time is now.