Management Musing v1.3

Leaders lead because people follow what they believe not what they do. That is because we have a process that we follow in life and another process where we live.

The Process is:-

  1. Why
    1. What is your purpose?
    2. What is your belief?
    3. How
      1. What is the formula?
      2. What is the process?
      3. What
        1. Do you do?
        2. Who are you?

We normally act or sell  or communicate saying “what it is” and “how” we are better and asking for something in return. IMportantly everyone knows what they do and some even know how they do it. Sadly few people know why they do it.

We must reverse that process – we need to think, act and communicate from the inside out.

“People don’t buy what you do… they buy why you do it.” Simon Sinek

The brain follows this pattern – it is a biological fact not psychological.

“What” is in the newest part of the brain the neo cortex brain

  • rational and analytic
  • thought
  • language

“How” and “Why” are in the middle part fo the brain – the limbic brain.

  • Trust and loyalty
  • Drives all human behavior
  • No capacity for language

An option to consider is that you should:- hire people who believe what you believe and money will never be the motivating condition. This, however as you all know, can also be a trap. You will all fail together.

Business Fails when it has the following conditions:-

  • Undercapitalized
  • Wrong People
  • Bad Market

The Law of Diffusion of Innovation shows a curve of people in the following way:-

  • 2.5% innovators
  • 13.5% early adopter
  • 34% early majority
  • late majority
  • laggards

This law tells us that if we want mass market success we need to pass the tipping point which is 15% to 18% of the market. The gap between your market capture rate and the tipping point is called – crossing the chasm by Jeffrey Moore.”

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