Management Musing v1.9

I want to talk about tomorrow today. I want to look into the future and try to make some determinations about what management and leadership will be like in 2050 or so. I know that I am setting myself up for some ridicule but there are some truths I want to explore.

This started with the birth of my grandson in 2005. You see boys that were born in 2005 barring a disease or an accident are expected to live until they are 100 years old. That is right 100 years old. Can you imagine that? Now for the record I think that is terrific, however, that means also that there will be a lot of changes coming to accommodate this fact. Let me pose a few questions.

  • What will be the retirement age?
  • How will we support a public pension?
  • How often will this work force be required to go back to school to retool their skills?
  • What will the unemployment rate look like?
  • What will the work day look like?
  • Will we need to have shared jobs?
  • Will we telecommute?
  • What will the cost of living be in 2020, or 2030, or 2040 compared to today?
  • What will the wages need to be to live a happy life?

I know that many of you are much too busy and stressed to be thinking about such things but they really need to have some thought applied don’t they? You have children, or will have soon. You have grandchildren or will have one day. This is not just about those of us in our sunset work years. (I have about fifteen years left) This is about you.

How you manage your jobs and lead people is what makes a difference in their lives and also in yours. How you deal with tomorrow will be the same thing.  The time is now.