Management Musings v1.0

In our new approach to the blogosphere we will be posting tidbits on a weekly basis on management. We are calling this management musings.

In the current labor market we have recent college graduates that are having an extremely hard time finding a job to get their career started. We also have companies that are bemoaning the fact that the younger generations are not the same as their generation. The work ethic is different, expectations are different, and the focus is different. I couldn’t disagree more. The current generations are every bit is motivated and ambitious as we were. The difference that I see most prominently is that they are better rounded, more curious, and less tolerant of nonsense than we were.

Today’s management is much more about “Freedom and Responsibility” than is about “Command and Control.” The new generations are not going to be as obedient as we were and I say “good for them.” Just issuing edicts and expecting to be blindly followed is not going to work.

“Today’s good managers give their employees the right context in which to make decisions – then employees make them” From “How Will You Measure Your Life” by Clayton Christenden.  We have a new world today and we as management need to change our posture and outlook. The battleground for the next several decades, if not as far as the eye can see, is going to be for the talented younger work force. This new workforce, the Gen F, is a talented group of young men and women looking for a manner in which they can feel that they have a worthwhile life and a work on a worthwhile career in which they can make a contribution. The time is now.