On A Personal Note

The Author Amongst Us

My daughter has become a writing machine. She has now published three items and is in the process of completing a sequel to her first fictional work.

On Amazon you can find the following:-

“Songs from the Road” by Caroline Slee. It is a soft cover short book of Poetry dating to her days at the University of California at Santa Barbara.

On Kindle you can find the following:-

Her fiction is a wonderfully surprising, well written page turner called “Blessings” by Caroline Slee

Her next series debuted with “The Cancer-Free Gourmet” a compilation of experiences Caroline has had to endure as she recovers from her cancer.

I am sure you will enjoy each of the offerings. Support a starting author with your time and read her books.

For those of you who have access to Amazon put her name, Caroline Slee, in the search box to find all three of the books.

The time is now.