Thought of the Day #11

In business you need clarity. You need to know what you do and how you do it and importantly why you do it. Today will be some thoughts of the day. You need to make a difference. Not for yourself but for others.

In sales you need to have done your research. You need to know your audience and your company and products and the relationship that you have with the audience. You need to have a goal. You need to be able to position yourself to satisfy the needs and wants of the audience. You need to be able to overcome objections and close the deal.

Today listening to all the talking heads about the debate last night I am brought to a startling conclusion. When confronted with a challenge some people shrink from it and others rise to it. I think it is clear who shrank last night and who rose to the challenge.

We have been continuing to do what we have been doing for three and a half years now. Spending more than we earn and not getting results. High poverty levels, declining income levels, high unemployment and record deficits are not results that anyone should find to be acceptable. I don’t think we want to continue on this path unless we can get different results. Do you? Einstein said that was insanity.

We are confronted with an extremely clear choice; More of the same and more and more – OR – different. Remember the words – The five points?

  • North American Energy Independence
  • Fix Public Education
  • Increase trade – especially with Latin America – fair trade – especially with China
  • Balance the budget
  • Encourage small business

Remember repealing ObamaCare and redoing a lot of Dodd Frank? Remember the “big kiss” in too big to fail as a gift to the five largest banks? There is a lot to do and the time clock is running faster and faster. The time is now.