Training Thoughts

With the new business, Learning Without Scars, I wanted to clarify some points regarding the learning options we are presenting.

We start with Webinars. These webinars are intended for everyone in the department and anyone else who has interest in the particular subject. These are intended to transfer knowledge to the attendee. In 2015 we offer the following webinars; fifteen for the parts business, fourteen for the service business, five for the product support selling business, and six for parts and service marketing.

The next level of training is the Internet Based Self-Study Program. These programs are intended for the individuals in your business who you have selected as potential management or supervision. Of course they are also offered as a tool for anyone to learn the subject matter.This is for the leaders of today but more importantly for the leaders of the future. We are starting with one parts self-study program and one service self-study program in September 2014 and then will roll out two additional self-study programs every two months until we have reached our goal. We are aiming to produce internet self-study programs as follows; four parts programs, four service programs, three product support selling and three parts and service marketing.

The classroom classes will continue to be the finishing school. Anyone who has gone through the internet based self-study and scored highly enough can move right into the second level. We offer the following classes; three parts, three service, one product support selling and one parts and service marketing.

I look forward to seeing you at one of more of the learning options we have put together for you.

The time is now