Training Tidbit v2015-3

As you can see, we haven’t yet written many of these this year, as this is Training Tidbit v2015-3.

The first of the spring webinar series is just about completed. We have conducted 58 webinars, with another 8 before July 1, 2015. 64 in total. I am extremely pleased with the attendance. We are averaging over ten for each webinar.

I am also pleased at the response from Industry associations and software providers who are starting to promote our webinar products. This will be a long process as we work towards bringing high quality, low cost training to the Industry.

The participants are also indicating on which subjects they want to receive more training and we have so far determined another 11 webinar subjects we will create before the start of 2016.

We are also in the process of responding to the participants. We offer two webinars a day for four consecutive days this year. People would like more flexibility. They like the content and the delivery but would like to be able to control the schedule more. We are in the process of putting all of the webinars up on the internet. That way you purchase a time slot the webinar and then you can schedule when you want to take it. This will be in place prior to the start of 2016.

There are still miles to go before we rest.

The time is now.