Training Tidbits #7

Many of you have noticed my “New Reality” take on business and the economy for the equipment Industries. The dislocations caused in 2008 have not been addressed completely as we transition once more to a new and better opportunity based society.

The challenges we confront have been broadly exposed and discussed from tax policies, to government regulation, to lending practices, to technological changes, and many more. And we need to address the four challenges exposed by Robert Gordon for our economy of; income inequality, debt, education and demographics. (You can see him on search for him by name Robert Gordon and the name of the talk is; The End of Innovation.)

You have also read me talking about the need for more job preparation coming from our educational options in previous blogs. I would like to expose to you now another element of the New Reality a short film from a Community College. Please watch it and then spend a moment thinking about how this might impact you, your family and your fellow employees.

Click on the line and watch. Make sure you have sound. This video is well done, it explains in pretty easy-to-understand terms why an associate degree or technical education might make more sense than a 4-year degree for people with certain skillsets. The video was funded by Perkins Grant money.

The time is now.