Words of Wisdom 2015-1

Over the years, I have used various expressions to make a point or get the attention of a group.  I have taken to calling these words of wisdom “Sleeisms.”  Here is a short list of them.  Enjoy.


  1. Always assume the other person is twice as smart as you are and work twice as hard to prove otherwise
  2. Be happy in your work or work and be happy because you have no choice……… you have to work.
  3. Never forget
    1. People want to do a good job…..
    2. People can always do more than they think they can…..
    3. People are fundamentally lazy….
  4. What you do when no one is looking? That is morality…..that is ethics…. That is character.
  5. What’s it’s all about.
    1. We must all feel some sense of value, we are here for a reason.
    2. We all must leave a mark.
    3. That requires us to be able to measure our own progress or accomplishment each day
    4. We must feel relevant, important no matter in what manner.
  6. We must always remember Rudyard Kipling
    1. If you can keep your head when all around you are losing theirs and blaming it on you…you’ll be a man my son
  7. It is always too early to start losing and NEVER too early to start winning
  8. It is hard to soar with the eagles if you stay up with the turkeys at night
  9. Man is like the turtle…..you have to stick your neck out in order to get ahead
  10. Nine men impregnating the same woman cannot deliver a baby in one month or to quote Warren Buffet “you can’t produce a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant.”
  11. Give More Stress… than you receive
  12. Depression is nothing more than anger turned inward
  13. The basics of teaching and learning
    1. Ignorance is not knowing what to do.
    2. Stupidity is knowing what to do and not doing it.
    3. Insanity is continuing to do what you have always done expecting different results.
  14. Before you can be of any value to anyone else…you have to be of value to yourself.
  15. Life is simple – it is people that screw it up.


The time is now…