All Learning Without Scars classes are only available online. These learning on-demand courses focus on one specific subject at a time. Each course is offered at $149.00. Learning Without Scars does not include any affiliate links in our course content, nor do we receive a fee for any product mentions.

Our classes are designed to offer both employees and employers something that matters: continuous improvement to the benefit of each. Too often, we hear employees talk about wanting to have a career path, but not being sure where they fit in their profession. Learning on-demand classes build and develop the professional skills an individual needs to continue to grow and make progress with your company and your industry.

Courses can be taken on a PC, a Mac, a tablet, or a smartphone. A student requires an internet connection to access all course materials. Supplemental reading for each class is available as a PDF, so a PDF reader is recommended for students using smartphones or tablets. Students will need access to speakers for video clips and audio tracks (these are optional).

Our classes are categorized by department, job function, and skill level to ensure you’re able to target the right skills. Our learning on-demand programs cover the Parts business, the Service business, and the Selling and Marketing of Product Support. A summary of our categories are as follows:

  • Departments: Parts, Service, and Product Support Selling & Marketing
  • Job Function: 4-6 job functions per department
  • Skill Levels: 4 skill levels per job function (Developing, Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced)
  • Tracks: Groups of classes based on Department, Job Function and Skill Level

Upon registration in a Learning Without Scars course, each new enrollee will receive a “welcome” email upon their enrollment. This welcome email will include a link to a video tutorial on how our classes work. This email includes the name of the course and the work it entails. The student receives an email with their login credentials and may begin their coursework on their own schedule.

With more than fifty years of combined experience teaching in the classroom, via webinars and through one-on-one coaching, our online classes have been developed to build employee mastery in their profession. We currently offer 102 different online classes. Each class typically takes 5-6 hours to complete.

In business, most companies strive to achieve “customers for life.” Likewise, it’s advantageous to retain high-quality “employees for life” and share in the vision for your business and invest in its future.

At Learning Without Scars, we know that “better” is the enemy of “best,” and that everyone needs the knowledge, skills, and tools to continually elevate your own professional development while contributing to the success of your company and your career. Our learning on-demand courses offer these knowledge, skills, and tools to each student. Bring the classroom to you, wherever and whenever you’re ready!