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Jay Lucas has been in the recruiting industry since 1995, beginning his career with a multi-national technical & engineering staffing company.  Later he started his own recruiting firm supporting a variety of industries and clients in Texas.  In 2018 he acquired Jordan-Sitter Associates (founded 1978), a well-established heavy equipment recruiting firm specializing in helping manufacturers and dealers of heavy equipment, as well as equipment rental and remanufacturing companies.  Jay’s predecessors were all retired heavy equipment executives looking for an opportunity to leverage their industry knowledge and networks in retirement.  With more than 40 years recruiting in the industry, Jay brings a deep expertise in recruiting process and technology that couples well with JSA’s deep roots in the heavy equipment industry.  JSA is a divisional brand of Reputable Recruiting, LLC, an assembly of specialized recruiting brands.  The name Reputable Recruiting was established because of our consistent performance and growing collection of Google and Online 5-Star Reviews.

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