Contributors – Ron Wilson

Ron Wilson has had the honor to work 41 years in the dealer equipment network in roles that included various parts and service management positions. He spent time in the marketing department creating a data analytics team to utilize various data sources to improve existing and identify new revenue channels. Ron implemented pricing models that established market-based pricing models in the product support areas as well as expanded a training department’s capabilities to support technical and people skills development that included applying the Kirkpatrick training model and implementing virtual training relating to the technical and people skills development during the pandemic. He also Introduced dealer classes that qualified for college credit at the community college level and transferred toward a four year degree program at the local university.

Ron has had the privilege to work with many managers that allowed and supported my desire to try things that were out of the norm for an equipment dealer; many employees that allowed and participated in the development and implementation of projects and tasks that were never done within the dealership in the past. Together they would try something new and adapt as we progressed along the way, thanks to his managers and team members.

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