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Seth McColley is a HR professional with more than 25 years of diverse, action-packed experience across a number of industries such as telecommunications, restaurant/hospitality, distribution, software, retail and construction/heavy equipment. He has worked for some of the largest Fortune 500 companies and been able to apply those learnings to help smaller companies “level up” and grow. He understands that we are not defined by the titles we hold or our position on the organization chart, but rather our relationships and how we can serve others.

Seth is a firm believer that people are any organization’s greatest asset, but employees need to be led, not managed. Our professional networks need to be cultivated, not manipulated. If we are the sum of all of our experiences, the connections we make and the relationships we build make us the incredible people that we are today and that we will become tomorrow.

Seth launched his first podcast, “6 Degrees or Less”, in February 2019, with a sole focus on the art and power of networking, or “relationships” as he calls it. It’s connected to the idea, six degrees of separation, that every single one of us is no more than six steps away from being connected to one another. He uses this platform to help break down stereotypes and misconceptions about what networking is (and isn’t) and to help listeners improve their networking skills to build more meaningful, effective professional relationships. On each episode, guests from different backgrounds, with different dreams, and on different journeys will share their stories and lessons learned. If our network is the lifeblood of our careers, the professional connections that we make will significantly affect the impact of our careers.

Seth is a solid ENFP (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) and his five Strengthfinders strengths are – Empathy, Adaptability, Context, Harmony and Ideation. He earned his BA in Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin and his MBA from the University of Phoenix in Seattle. He is actively involved with both Dallas HR and the Oklahoma City Human Resources Society (OCHRS). He currently lives in Edmond, OK with his wife and son (5), while his daughter (19) attends Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX.

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