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Emotional Intelligence - Accelerating Team Performance

Sonya Law, of SL Human Resources Consulting, received her Human Resources Degree from Deakin University and completed her Teaching Degree with Monash University and recently Masters Business (MBA) in 2018, providing opportunities to work and study abroad in Europe and Asia. Sonya has recruited 1,000’s of people and has a talent for getting the right people on the bus in the right seats and creating a positive inclusive workplace culture for many organization’s in the following industries, Telecommunications, Government, Pharmaceutical, Water Utilities, FMCG and more recently Mining and Construction for Sullair (Hitachi Group Company) where she achieved innovation award in 2020 for solving societies problems for social connectedness during the pandemic. In 2020 Sonya has returned to consulting to spread her wings and pursue her passion for consulting, to assist companies to develop their human resources and achieve cultural and strategic alignment and high performing organizations.

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