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How Our Classes Work

Practical examples taken from the industry allow participants to become familiar with the application of the theory. Each participant will take home specific items and ideas that can be implemented in their dealership. These can have an impact on productivity, market penetration, and profitability. Meaningful discussions, classroom lectures, small work groups, video presentations and individual assignments all play a part in these classes.

In each group variety and diversity is important and there is a limit of no more than twenty four. We suggest there not be any more than four enrollees from any single dealership, in any one course, to allow a variety of experiences and thought. Naturally a specific, detailed textbook is included, supporting the classroom materials. There will be a reading list, and a list of videos, provided for those individuals who have a desire for additional personal development.

Also, consistent with our goal of improving performance, there will be a detailed evaluation obtained from each participant of the seminar. Certificates of Achievement will be awarded to each participant. Rounding out the experience we encourage each participant to submit to us, anything that they have implemented, at their dealership, gained from this course.