Creators and Critics

I got an email this morning from Patrick Sweeney of Caliper. Caliper does terrific work in the areas of Human Resources, Organizational Development and Recruitment to name just a few of their areas of interest. Patrick asked that we read his blog – Creators, Collaborators and Critics. It is terrific and well worth your time to read it.

I want to extract two of those words. Critics and Creators.

I think it is worth reminding ourselves of these words in the context of our ability to develop improvements in our businesses. The world around us is changing constantly. But change in our Industry is not nearly as dynamic. We are rather ponderous in how we approach change. Perhaps that can be explained to some degree by the two words. Critics and Creators. Don’t forget it is always much easier to be a critic. You don’t have to do anything other than object. With all things in life not everyone has the attributes to be a creator. But it is not for sure that any of us are or are not creators to begin with in our lives. As a youngster all of us were curious. All of us asked why things were as they were. We seemed to be destined to live in a world full of interesting and challenging things. Then we started to be molded. To become obedient. That is when we started to stop asking those questions. That is when we recognized that to get along one had to go along. Well I for one object to that approach to life.

I want us all to be creators. Don’t think I want to ignore the critics. I don’t. But I want the critic in each of us to be constructive and help in the evolution of the systems or processes that we are working with and on. Dont forget that you need to ask yourself the question every day. Do I work in the business or on the business? The answer is very important. Please read the blog you will enjoy it. Thank you Patrick. The time is now.