Education Step #4

Have you noticed the accelerated interest in online education at the University level? It seems that the world of teachers is starting to get the message that the cost of school at the University level has gotten out of hand ever since the federal government started to offer lower interest loans than the banks. The schools took advantage of this and raised the cost of tuition and everything else. Not a very enlightened response from supposedly caring people. They look exceptionally greedy to many of us.

Well MIT and Harvard and a few others are offering joint classes on the internet. A group out of Stanford has joined to fray. An individual professor from Stanford is breaking new ground with on line classes that count toward credits at many institutions. It is about time. Perhaps now we will see some of the ego stroking construction programs and professor seat stipends come back to earth. It is ridiculous to see some of the pay packages in place.

Teaching is an avocation not just a profession. I don’t think we need many million dollar professors in this world. Do you? Perhaps we have all gone overboard with pay packages. It is long since time for pushback in schools not just at the CEO level in Companies. Read Gary Hamel and see what you think. The time is now.