Marketing Missiles v1.0

I wonder how many people understand marketing in the Product Support world; what is that? Is it advertising or sales campaigns? What is it? Well my hope is that through this blog we can have more people think about the marketing of parts and service.

I will start with a definition of marketing as “the selling of products or services – the business activity of presenting services in such a way as to make them desirable.” In the case of parts and service I question the word desirable don’t you? But it is basically the sales of products or services.

I will pursue the basics of marketing – the 4 P’s. The “market” coverage subject as it relates to Product Support Salesmen and all that entails. I will address market share which is the ultimate measure of success in the marketing world. We will discuss customer retention and how we can influence that in our operating world. In other words this blog is intended to cover everything and anything about marketing parts and service. I hope you will join me on this voyage. The time is now.