Marketing Missiles v1.1

Last year I was introduced to a book on marketing “The Service-Dominant Logic of Marketing” by a friend in Asia. This book is a compilation of a series of papers in academia on marketing both from a historical perspective and currently. This evolution has gone from marketing commodities to now we are in the age of marketing services and relationship are prominent as is quality. This should be right up the alley of thinking operations people.

Marketing is not some flashy sales process ort advertisement. It is not a spiffy campaign. It is about the development and maintenance of relationships in the supply chain and with the ultimate customers.

Those of us in the Product Support arena live this every day. We are trying to satisfy customers. Or delight depending on your mood. This is about the magic of the duties that our “heroes” perform every day – the people with whom the customer interacts. This is the drudge of the day to day operation. It is not sexy and at times it is hard to stay motivated. But it is akin to being married for three or four decades. You now know what love is on a very personal level. The parts and service operational personnel have to perform each and every day – with a smile in their voice and on their face and sometimes having serious difficulties; the backlog of your service work or the backorder of a critical part.

That is what Service-Dominant Marketing is all about. We will explore this together in more detail in missiles to come. The time is now.