Marketing Missiles v1.5

Why do your customers buy from you? What makes your customers loyal to you? Without the answers to these two simple questions you really don’t know how to either grow your business or protect it.

What is it that makes your customers buy from you?

Everything you sell in your parts business is available from someone else and in all likelihood at a lower price. Of course you will say it isn’t the same quality but who are you kidding. Not the customers. They know that everything is made by someone and that those somebodies will sell through other channels.

Is it your special sales campaigns? You know the buy a dozen get one free deals? Or is it because your parts people or your service management gives them discounts? Discounts are like cocaine – it might be a good high but coming down is terrible. Try cutting a customer off from the discounts that have become used to and watch them buy somewhere else.

You need to pay serious attention to this question. Why do your customers buy from you? You might want to ask because until you know you will be subject to the whims of your customers for your business success. Don‘t forget you have to do more of what it is they like and less of what they don’t like. The time is now.