Parts Operations Webinars

October 28th and October 29th

Don’t miss any of the four webinars being offered on Parts Operations.

  • TeleSelling: learn how to grow your parts business. From market segmentation to using the phone as a customer service tool, this webinar has it all.
  • Basic Inventory Control: the more we know about managing the parts inventory assets, the better off we all are. This webinar takes the mysteries away and deals with methods to employ to improve performance for both your customers and your investors.
  • Warehousing: that big room out back is one of the most important customer service tools you have available to you. How to layout the facility, how to design the facility and much more are exposed in this webinar. The cost of labor is critical in parts operations and without a proper layout and design the costs will be out of control.
  • Parts Pricing: profitability and competitiveness are the results obtained with proper pricing programs. We explore the various theories and applications of pricing algorithms in a manner that is understandable. The price point you choose is a marketing statement.  Learn how with this important webinar.

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