Parts Pondering v1.5

For some time now there has been a new channel to consider for specific parts in the parts business. Let me introduce you to the Kiosk. Walk through most airports today and you will find kiosks selling electronics and items such as vitamins and other related health items.

Now let’s look at our parts business. What is it that our customers would like to have access to from you that needs controls, accounting reporting and inventory? On the job site it might be supplies or safety items. In their shops it might be general job supplies, liquid gasket, etc. They need to have an inventory accessible to their personnel both on job sites and in their shops, perhaps even in their field type vehicles.  It is like buying a candy bar or a package of gum. Push the number to access the product then put in a job card and employee card to assign the accounting distribution and off you go. On general job sites select the product and swipe your credit card to obtain the product. There are limitless possibilities. Isn’t it time to start leading with new products and channels such as this? The time is now.