Service Organization February 20th 12:00 Noon Pacific

The organization of a service department is about more than technicians and clerks and management. Designing the structures is about facts and not feelings. The time for shop and field jobs starts the design. The technology, tooling and processes used take us the rest of the way. Exploring the service department organization from a factual foundation is the goal of this webinar.

The density of supervision to technician has long been in dispute in this Industry. This webinar aims to put that dispute to rest by providing definitive measures of labor efficiency and quality in the forefront and not having “cost” drive decisions about those two fundamental elements of a service department.. From Roman times to the current US Army supervision has been a constant and defining attribute of high performance. We discuss the appropriate levels of supervision and provide a model for the participants to use for their business.

The clerical support in a Service Department covers all aspects of record management as well as labor controls, job controls, job process and work in process, as well as everything to do with warranty and technical documentation, either in printed or electronic format. The dealer business system is critical in supporting this function. This webinar will be of benefit to everyone in management and supervision of the service function.