Service Statement 1.9

Recently I was in a room with a large group of dealer executives. We got around to a short discussion on the merits of talking to the technicians on the shop floor while they were working. There was a short misunderstanding regarding how serious that was for the efficiency of the technician. Interruptions kill efficiency on any kind of work. Office work has the same problem.

Think about the task of closing work orders. You sit at your desk and review the time taken and the parts used on the job. You look at what the customer wanted and how you satisfied the problem. And as you go through the review of the job the phone rings and interrupts you. You answer the telephone and complete the work caused by the call. Then you go back to closing the work order. Now let me see…. where was I? Can you understand what I am saying? Interruptions kill efficiency

The approach that I took to explain the point was the same that I always use. We are the doctors. This time I was the surgeon and he was the patient. He was on the table and open and I had the scalpel in my hand. The phone rang and someone wanted to talk to me. I left him there on the table and went to the telephone. How likely do you think that would be? I think I made the point.

The time is now.