Service Statement v1.8

The comparison in the last service blog to the doctor is a clear statement on how I view the responsibilities of a service department.

  • We are here to keep the machine operating as it was designed.
  • To reduce the owning and operating costs for the machine owner
  • To protect the residual value of the machine

That to me is very clear, straight and to the point.

And I also believe that without properly conducted maintenance as prescribed in the owner and operator manual we cannot achieve those objectives. But today more than ever I am excited. With telematics we will be able to monitor equipment all day long. We will know how many hours it is working, how long the engine is idling, if the filters are clogged; we will know everything.

Imagine that world. You will have a “mission control” – walls of computer monitors on the walls, each representing a machine, with people manning the “support center” 24/7. You will be able to “alert” the customer to anything and everything about their machine that is abnormal or needs attention. This will become a new service for you to offer. And guess what? No one else will be able to do this for your branded equipment. Very rarely do we get second chances in life but this is clearly a second chance for you to obtain and retain service market capture rates. The question is now in the air. Will you take advantage of this second chance? I sure hope so. The time is now.