Service Statements v1.4

This a very interesting time isn’t it? Of course that is a Chinese Curse “may you live in interesting times.” I am not sure it is a curse. It is more than interesting this time we are in it is downright exciting.

Our inventory in the service business is man hours. The more we have the higher our market capture and service revenue. Yet I hear constantly that “we can’t find mechanics.” I agree with you with a twist. You can’t find “journeymen mechanics.” I agree with you so why don’t you grow your own? Hire apprentices, hire helpers, hire students from technical schools. Get on with it. Stop whining and get growing.

Our tools are no longer requiring that we have the strongest back as a mechanic. We have to have the strongest mind. Many people look down on a technical job or a mechanical job. What a shame. The technicians in your employ, in your dealership are some of the smartest people that you have on your payroll. Did you ever think about them that way? Most managers in an equipment dealership would wilt instantly if they had to be the service manager, even if only for a week.

Our tools are computer driven diagnostics with fault codes to assist in problem determination, to find the “Cause” of the customer “Complaint.” They are computer tablets and PDA’s and laptops with schematics and drag and drop shopping carts. They are scanning time clocks for labor collection they are voice recognition for service reports. There is a lot of technology involved today in the work of maintenance and repairs.

Then there is the telematics on the equipment. We will spend more time on that later. Let the interesting times roll. The time is now.