The Work Truck Show – Indianapolis 2014

Once again I had the privilege of providing an educational session for the NTEA. The subject matter was Parts & Service Marketing: Making a Difference.

The dramatic changes that have taken place over the past ten years, and those ahead, demand a more professional, productive and profitable Product Support Operation. To support the realization of this Parts and Service Opportunity we have designed this program aimed at those charged with the responsibility of managing this segment of the business. Parts & Service Marketing – Making a Difference consists of 6 elements presented during this learning session.

The Customer Service Focus

Why this is no longer a fad but deadly serious business. We explore the various aspects of customer service – what they are and how can we learn to be better at them.

Defining Customers

The “customer” has become a generic description of who we serve. We need to segment the markets that we serve and define the customer more precisely using a broad array of categories that allow us to more completely define customers with similar needs and wants.

Customer Relations

Expectations must be understood and shaped – when, why and how can they be changed in order to provide systems, procedures, methods, tools and training that will meet the expectations. Satisfaction of customer expectations requires us to have internal excellence in everything we do.

Designing Customer Service Excellence

Understanding who your customer is and what they require is critical in designing service excellence. People perform service, create expectations, satisfy expectations and create the perception of a difference.

Customer Loyalty

Strong Products or Services are central to customer loyalty and loyalty must be a company wide commitment. Everything should be aimed at creating and maintaining this loyalty. We discuss the tools and methods to create, develop, and maintain loyalty.

Measuring and Managing Success

Long term behavior is critical in understanding the return on investment from Parts & Service Marketing initiatives. Clear goals, measurement criteria and profit targets must be constantly reviewed and adjusted to adapt programs to changing customer needs and expectations.

We had a good turnout and some good dialogue. Thanks to all.