Virtual Reality as a Tool in Recruitment

Virtual Reality as a Tool in Recruitment

In this week’s guest blog, Don Shilling talks about using virtual reality as a tool in recruitment.

“Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous with Robin Leach”, remember that TV program from a number of years back? Basically, via video the viewer was introduced to a world they could never have imagined and how success and wealth had altered the life style of the subject of each story.

Businesses today are struggling to fill skilled employment positions within their organization. Many of these businesses might be better served to take a page from these reality television shows and invite potential employees into their businesses to see what these jobs are like and how exciting a career can be within their industry.

But there is a new medium that really hits the nail on the head, it is call Virtual Reality (VR). Essentially VR can place the viewer directly into an environment we want to highlight. Whether that be in the office, warehouse, shop floor, production or assembly area. That 360-degree camera captures all the activity and allows the viewer to really see and experience what it is like in a place they may have never imagined!! A short but effective job shadow.

Our company created a number of VR videos to deliver a career experience to High School or Technical College students wondering what it is like working for us or in this industry. As the viewer is guided through some work simulations, they can also look around 360 degrees to see what other people are doing who work in that same setting. They can see our products, facilities, safety, job organization, the specific tools we use and the processes we follow. In their minds they can see themselves working there.

In a four-to-five-minute VR experience you can really sell your company and the positions you are trying to fill. This VR experience opens the eyes of the viewer to the position we are trying to fill and actually makes them feel comfortable with the position. What may have been a bit scary or unknown becomes familiar and understood. They gain a wealth of knowledge.

These VR videos are a few steps ahead of what our competitors are doing in the recruitment process and really create a stir at Career and Job Fairs where we do our recruiting. We literally have lines of students wanting to view our industry from the VR goggles. (Buy plenty of goggles!)

We have even sent the VR experience directly to the home of a potential recruit who can view it over and over and share with his parents. The parents can really “buy into our industry” once they see firsthand where their child might work and the details of our environment.

The VR videos can be used after you hire in the “On Boarding” process where you can share with a new employee the company culture, values, facilities and introduction of key personnel or customers associated with the day to day operation.

Today, if you pick the hardest one or two positions you need to fill and create a VR experience I think you will find you recruitment process to be more interesting and successful. You have a story to tell, you should share it!

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