Tuesday April 8th Webinar

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Purchasing & Expediting – WP6

When you have the part in stock you are the same as everyone else. The only part that matters is the one you don’t have in stock. The equipment and parts suppliers have made the ordering process so simple we have lost sight of expediting and the purchasing function. If a machine is down the customer wants the part now.

The first rule for a successful parts business is that the employees will not go home until every part that every customer, or mechanic, ordered is either supplied or the location from which it can be shipped is located. That doesn’t mean leaving it with a supplier that does not have the part on hand. This is expediting with a purpose and we deal with what to do’s and how to do it to satisfy “Rule #1.”

Purchasing becomes the court of last resort as we will deal with the prospect that the part is not available in your supply chain. Finding alternate sources is not easy. Communicating with the customer on their options and penalties is even more challenging. All of the “in’s and out’s” of purchasing and the liabilities associated with supplying a part which is not from your original equipment manufacturer is discussed in detail.

Learn new methods to solve this age old problem of finding every part that every customer or mechanic wants to have – the same day they want it – and doing that before you go home EVERY night – that is what is at stake in this important webinar.