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Safety First! But, Why?!

Safety First! But, Why?! Guest writer Bill Pyles tackles OSHA regulations in his guest blog entitled “Safety First! But, Why?!” Summer is here and this time of year I’d put some notes together for the next team meeting to give a safety update; specifically, how to recognize heat stroke. I cannot say enough about OSHA’s […]


Top Three Reasons to Skip the University System

Top Three Reasons to Skip the University System Guest writer Isaac Rollor shares some different options in 2023 for high school graduates in “Top Three Reasons to Skip the University System.” Top three reasons to skip the university system and pursue a heavy equipment career in 2023. Imagine yourself as an 18-year-old high school graduate […]


New Leadership

New Leadership Guest writer Sonya Law returns this week with the Human Resources perspective in “New Leadership.” New Leadership: It’s time to expand our definition of what makes a great leader! According to Harvard Business Review: “Leadership is a conversation” It is less about issuing and taking orders than about asking and answering questions” which […]


1% Increase in Income Equals 2.6% Reduction in Expenses

1% Increase in Income Equals 2.6% Reduction in Expenses Guest writer Ron Wilson dives into the financial management scene with this week’s blog: 1% Increase in Income Equals 2.6% Reduction in Expenses. He even touches upon something Ron Slee mentions frequently: the downside of discounts. During complicated economic times businesses tighten up on expenses, spending, […]


Friday Filosophy v.07.21.2023

Friday Filosophy v.07.21.2023 We are back with a Friday blog post today! Please read some quotable quotes from various authors (our founder Ron Slee included!) in Friday Filosophy v.07.21.2023 Let’s focus on a different direction. We will start this off with what people call “Sleeisms.” Everyone wants to do things that they do well. Everyone […]


Machine Condition Monitoring Roles

Machine Condition Monitoring Roles  Guest writer Ron Wilson writes this week’s blog on the topic of Machine Condition Monitoring Roles as part of a dealer’s product support offerings. Over the past few years, we have been experiencing a new era emerge around machine condition monitoring. OnStar was introduced in 1996 with a focus on a […]


Facts Vs. Feelings: Recruiting Technicians

Facts Vs. Feelings: Recruiting Technicians Guest writer Isaac Rollor highlights the importance of building relationships with your communications at your business in “Facts Vs. Feelings: Recruiting Technicians.” I do not know the exact source of the statement “Facts don’t care about your feelings” but it’s a statement I have heard many times recently. This statement […]


Filling the Experience Gap

Filling the Experience Gap Guest writer Jim Dettore blogs about how we can go about filling the experience gap for our technicians and employees. In industries such as construction equipment dealerships, mining equipment, and gas compression, the role of service technicians and service management is crucial. These industries rely heavily on the expertise of their […]