Make It Matter

Everything that we do in the parts business has a profound impact on our customers, suppliers, coworkers and other stakeholders. There has to be a difference in what and how you do your work that is visible and obvious to everyone that you touch in the performance of your work.

You have to be able to answer two very simple questions. But, they are not that easy to answer. What do you do and what do you provide? Most of us will look at these questions and think it is obvious, it is self-evident. We supply parts. Pretty simple, isn’t it? The trouble with that is that anyone can do that. We have to make a difference. We have to make what we do “matter.”

In this class, we will explore who you are and what you bring to the organization and to the customer. We will explore how and why you make a difference. Each of us has to create our own brand. That is how we will differentiate ourselves and what we do from the crowd. We will explore serving people in the parts business, all that our work means to the market, and how we make a difference. These define how we make it matter.

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