Overcoming Objections

The sales process is complicated. Determining the right customers to call on the telephone is not easy. But all of that work is undermined if the individual on the telephone with the customer does not know how to handle the objections that the customer might present.

How these objections are handled can make the difference between a sales success and a failure. This class deals with the methods to employ: the “how to” of overcoming objections. In the sales process typically you are looking for an order or at least a positive outcome of the sales call. In order to achieve that outcome, it has to be understood that the customer has to learn about what it is that you are selling. In many cases, an objection is simply an indication that the customer does not have enough information yet to make an informed decision.

From keeping your cool, to making the objection specific, and providing compensating factors, everything about the “how to” overcome an objection is exposed.  If you no longer want to run the risk of losing a sale, you can’t miss this one!

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