Standard Jobs

Service management and the technicians doing the work need to know how long the repair work will take to get done. We have to provide this important information. In order to do this, we must manage our repairs with job codes. We must determine standard jobs, and then track them every time we perform them. In this way, we can develop a “standard time” which is different than average time.

The job code structure is where this begins. The code needs to be easy to understand and search out in a file or on a system. Once we have the job codes, then the inspections and job structures need to follow the same logic. How to develop the job codes and then utilize them to develop and manage history is a critical element of this program. From this foundation we can then move on to Standard Jobs.

A standard job is one that the business does frequently. This frequency is a reflection of the market activity and the market capture rate for that work. This is also a factor leading to the creation of an “exchange” or “remanufactured” product inventory. This is an important sector of the sales opportunities of the Company. Equipment, new and used, Rentals, Parts, Service, and Remanufactured.” This program will explore all of the elements involved in creating a “Standard Job” portfolio to present to the market.