Work Order Process

The core function within every Service Department is the work order process. Despite that, little attention seems to have been given to this most important function. During this program we will take you through the complete process from the “Service Request” up to and including the Invoicing of the finished job. The process is not complicated, but there are a lot of details which, if mishandled, will not satisfy either the customer or the dealership.

The only group within an equipment dealership that allows a business to differentiate itself from the competition in the market is the Service Department. Yet the typical dealership leaves the Service Department and the dealer business system to establish the methods to be used. This program addresses the complete process from labor posting to outside purchases, from ordering parts to returning them, from introducing the structure of the job to the scheduling of work. We will address them all.

The individual elements will be covered in complete detail in further programs but the basic structure to employ will be detailed in this session. You will be able to return to your work and review how your structure relates to these “Best Practices,” and begin the transformation of the department from a place where repairs and maintenance are performed to a productive, high quality, and safe service shop. This is the type of work order process that attracts talented people to work within it, and retains the customers who use it.

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