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Imagine That

Imagine That Guest writer John Andersen walks us through the latest merger that will directly impact our industry in “Imagine That.” Imagine waking up one morning to find that Coke and Pepsi had merged. What if Samsung and Apple formed a single company? Can you picture a world where UPS acquires FedEx to become the […]


A Force To Be Reckoned With

A Force To Be Reckoned With Our new guest writer Dave Gordon is currently the Executive Director of the Independent Equipment Dealers Association where he has been on board for 18 months. His experience includes more than 35 years of leadership experience in strategy, sales, marketing and financial issues, as well as distribution development for […]


Maximizing Profits Through Spend Management

Maximizing Profits Through Spend Management Tonight, we are pleased to introduce our readers to our new guest writer, Jennifer Albright. In her first post, Jennifer educates readers on maximizing profits through spend management. But first, allow us to introduce Jennifer Albright in her own words: My start in Procurement began unexpectedly with a temporary position, […]


The Evolution of Business Owners

The Evolution of Business Owners Change is just one inevitability in life. Guest writer Floyd Jerkins walks us through just one change in his piece on the evolution of business owners. It is quite rare for a dealership to be able to adequately plan succession in the ranks of their mid-management staff. So often, a […]


Target Marketing

Target Marketing In his guest post for this week, Ross Atkinson highlights the critical importance of technology when it comes to target marketing. It is truly amazing how times have changed in the last 20 years! Dealerships have gotten larger through consolidation and spread further apart. The dealer is servicing more customers with less staff. Welcome […]


Potential Employees

How Do Potential Employees Find Careers in Today’s World? Through the past month or so Ed Gordon has been exposing his Job Shock series. A very sobering critique of the labor market and the potential employees out there today. Most of the dealers that I talk with these days are extremely concerned with their inability […]


Adult Learning & Dealership Development

Adult Learning & Dealership Development By Floyd Jerkins With over 35 years in business, Floyd Jerkins is an accomplished senior executive in business development with more than twenty-five years of successful consulting and training experience across various industries. He’s well known for offering specialized services for business development. His is an important voice on the […]