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Driving Distributor Sales Beyond

- Best Practices for Outselling Your Competitors
 Author: Dirk Beveridge  Category: General Reading

Is your sales team prepared to compete effectively and win business in the current economic climate? Author Dirk Beveridge believes you’re losing business if your sales team is selling in the same way it did 24 months ago and you’re managing sales as you did a year ago. That’s the bad news. However, if you know there’s a better way to unify and inspire your sales organization to produce better top- and bottom-line sales, then this new book will help you get there. Beveridge surveyed the industry and conducted in-depth interviews with 17 high-performing distributors. Based on that research, this book shows you what separates those distributors that consistently outperform their competitors. It provides you with a roadmap and best practices for how to take more from your market than it’s prepared to give you by outstrategizing, outmanaging, and outselling your competitors!

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